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A Texas Locksmith is here to help ready your property for rent

  • A Texas Locksmith will verify proper locks and locking mechanizers are installed where required by law.
  • A Texas Locksmith will verify the proper latching devices are installed on windows and sliding glass doors.
  • A Texas Locksmith will verify the proper viewing devices on installed on exterior doors.

If the proper devices are not installed; A Texas Locksmith is ready to bring your property up to code.

Tenants have very specific rights, in the State of Texas, that can not be waived in the lease -

The landlord is required to provide every  Texas rental unit with the following security devices at the landlord's expense:

  1. One window latch on each exterior window in the dwelling. 
  2. A doorknob lock or keyed deadbolt on each exterior door. 
  3. A keyless bolting device (i.e. a keyless deadbolt) on each exterior door. 
  4. A door viewer on each exterior door. 
  5. A pin lock AND either a handle latch or a security bar on each exterior sliding glass door. 
  6. A landlord is required to change or rekey locks within seven days of a new tenant moving in.





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